Your Shout Linwood, Christchurch, New Zealand, Distilling and Homebrew Beer and Wine supplies


Due to the February, 2011 earthquake in Christchurch,
Your Shout, Linwood
has moved into new premises, directly across the road.


The same great service
 The same extensive range
The same phone number
Just a new address ! now at  239a Linwood Ave



Your Shout, Linwood opened its doors at 228 Linwood Ave in 1989-90. It moved three doors along to 230a Linwood Ave, eleven years later.

In March, 2011, following the February 22nd earthquake and subsequent demolition of the old Your Shout shop, we moved
ss the road to 239a Linwood Ave
Click here
to see a map of where we are.

    The new shop at 239a Linwood Ave


I became a customer of 'Your Shout' in 1996 when I was given a still for my birthday. It didn't take me long to discover what a fabulous hobby home distilling can be. Gone were the days of wondering how I could afford to replace that empty bourbon bottle  my mates had left me with and the tide was going out in my wife's Baileys bottle. It cost me around $9 to fill the bourbon bottle and about $15 to keep the missus happy. How wonderful to have a hobby that I was proud to share with friends and family and to be able to make something that everyone enjoyed. It certainly helped cut the cost of hosting a party and took the guesswork out of many Christmas presents, I now knew for certain what people liked.


In October 2002 I was fortunate to be able to combine hobby and career when I purchased 'Your Shout, Linwood', ( which is now regarded by many as the best beer brewing, wine making and distilling supply store with friendly, helpful service and the biggest range of products in NZ )

      Since then I have discovered that home brewed beer really does taste good and the varieties available are amazing. Suffice it to say that it will be a long while before I will be able to say with certainty just which beer is my favourite. Although at a cost of around 50c per pint, I have a feeling that I'll like them all. 

Winemaking is another activity I have recently got into. Using the wine kits from Winexpert in Canada,I have found that it is easy to produce a bottle of red wine (of the quality that you would happily pay $25 at the liquor store) for only $5 and a fabulous white for only $3.50 per bottle.


Well, that's enough prattling on from me, have a wander round this website and see if there is anything that tickles your fancy. If you are from out of town, give me a ring, or email me at and we will discuss mailing your order to you. If you are in the Eastgate, Christchurch area sometime, feel free to pop in and have a bit of a chat. Hope to see you soon,



Paul Manson

Your Shout
239A Linwood Ave.
Linwood, Christchurch

Phone: 03-381-2299

Shop Hours:-
Mon 12 noon - 5.30 pm
Tues - Fri 9 am - 5.30 pm
Sat 9 am - 3 pm

Sun Closed
Closed on Public Holidays



Paul & Jarryd





For the guys who are thinking about taking up beer brewing/wine making/distilling as a hobby,
this link may very well prove useful    


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