Making Your Own Beer at Home

We've all had those friends who, in the past, have made brews that only he/she could actually enjoy drinking and they always forced it upon us gentle folk who were too polite for our own taste buds.

Well, things have changed, homebrewing has come of age!!

With more home brew products than ever before, coupled with the worldwide craft beer explosion, there's never been a better time to get into making great beers for yourself at home.

Whether you choose to make beers from ingredient kits from the likes of Mangrove Jack's, Black Rock and Muntons; or you want to do it the old fashioned way from barley, hops and yeast (or anything inbetween) you can make beers as good as anything you can buy. It's a great hobby to share with family and friends and will certainly save you money. You can make beers for as little as 75 cents a pint!