Making Your Own Spirits and Liqueurs at Home

Making your own Spirits and Liqueurs as home is easier than you think. There are four main steps and can be done by anyone.

1st Step- Fermentation
Make the alcohol by mixing sugar and water and then adding a Turbo Yeast, which is a mixture of yeast and yeast food (nutrients). The yeast will convert the sugar to alcohol by a process known as fermentation. We have a variety of Turbo Yeasts to use that will suit your climate and conditions.

2nd Step - Distillation. 
Add the fermented mixture to your still. The alcohol is then boiled off and the first portion is separated and discarded before collecting the potable (or drinkable) alcohol.

3rd Step - Filtration. 
Add water to bring the strength of your spirit down to 40% ABV. Filter the alcohol with your filter unit. This involves running the spirit through a cartridge packed with a carbon mixture that removes any unwanted tastes and smells.

4th Step - Flavouring.
Pick from our vast range of flavours and simply make whichever Spirit or Liqueur you like to drink. See the full range of flavours in our online shop.

Check out the video below to see how easy it is to make your spirits & liqueurs at home; then head on over to the store to get your supplies.