Turbo 500 Complete Distillery

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T500 Copper or Stainless Steel
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The Complete Distillery is the ultimate set up for producing quality spirits and liqueurs at home. This kit comes with everything you need to make high-quality spirits just like their commercial favourites. This kit can now be purchased with either the stainless steel or copper condenser at the same great price.

It includes:

  • T500 Condenser & Boiler
  • 30 L Plastic Fermenter complete with Tap, Sediment Reducer, Airlock, Grommet, and Stick-On Thermometer
  • EZ Filter
  • 5 L Measuring Jug/Collector
  • 50 cm Stirring Spoon
  • Wash Hydrometer
  • Alcoholmeter
  • 6 kg Turbo Sugar
  • Classic 6 Turbo Yeast
  • Turbo Carbon
  • Turbo Clear Finings
  • 3 × Classic Spirit Essences (to make up to six 1125 ml bottles)
  • 2 × Icon Liqueur Essences